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2077/01/01 Dalle-Mini compilation
2022/09/28 The Free Software Movement is a cult
2022/09/25 Thought exercise: write malware to harden security of your own code
2022/09/24 How multiple psyops at the same time make us weak
2022/09/20 The Freedom of Speech copypasta
2022/09/19 Paradise or dystopia, you're the one making either possible
2022/09/18 Free software vs open source, what's the difference and why it matters?
2022/09/17 J-Government will require manga artists to dox themselves to the entire world from next year
2022/09/17 The problems with soldered hardware components
2022/09/16 IoT: I warned, nobody listened, now everybody pays the price
2022/09/15 Get off major VPS providers while you still can
2022/09/11 The problems of browser fascism
2022/09/10 Computer hardware stopped evolving last decade, here's why
2022/09/10 Capitalism weakens civilizations
2022/09/08 Working with programming languages you DON'T like
2022/09/06 NOT using a command line makes you dumb
2022/09/04 Kiwifarms shows you that Cuckflare (and western corporations in general) can't be trusted as a hosting provider, again
2022/08/31 Security through simplification of source code
2022/08/30 Code of Conduct has no place in software development
2022/08/29 How each religion reacts to "sensitive" drawings
2022/08/28 Neutral sources don't exist
2022/08/27 This one simple trick will create paradise on earth
2022/08/26 Why I stopped following alternative media
2022/08/19 I'm for death penalty, here's why
2022/08/16 Can ancaps and ancoms be united into just anarchy?
2022/08/13 Yet another technology term got turned into a buzzword...
2022/08/12 Islam is right about halal meat
2022/08/09 How to prevent self-doxxing
2022/08/07 Tips for job interviews in Japan
2022/08/06 Stop breaking the back button!
2022/08/05 What is the ideal website?
2022/08/03 Should we get rid of technology altogether to get rid of evil?
2022/08/02 If you already have an audience, don't make it "beginner friendly"
2022/07/29 The hypocrisy of proprietary OS users
2022/07/27 What is considered a broken website?
2022/07/25 Updated list: my top 1 recommended Linux distro and top 1 BSD variant
2022/07/24 How can anarchy (aka, a world without rulers) function?
2022/07/23 Marketshare ANALysis is inaccurate
2022/07/22 The problem with minifying CSS
2022/07/21 Why I use PHP for web development
2022/07/19 Introduction to the dangers of SDGs
2022/07/19 The Virgin Proprietary OS User vs The Chad FOSS User
2022/07/18 Testimonals 1: From MS-DOS to AlterLinux
2022/07/18 Stop stuffing $HOME!! XDG standards exist for a reason!!
2022/07/17 Communism is NOT Anarchy, explained
2022/07/16 Don't downgrade, just switch to something better
2022/07/15 Is it still worth fighting for a better clearnet? Or shall we go darknet-only?
2022/07/14 Dear employers, stop asking about PHP frameworks
2022/07/14 Flat earth? Round earth? Do these exist? And why do they keep reusing it?
2022/07/13 If you truly care about privacy and/or anonymity, stop recommending smartphones
2022/07/13 For the ∞th time, piracy does NOT result in a lost sale!
2022/07/12 Hosting on the clearnet is like having a boot stamping on your neck
2022/07/12 I found the reason why free software OS and proprietary soyware OS are mutually imcompatible
2022/07/11 I hate puritans
2022/07/10 The hypocracy of normie's views on "privacy"
2022/07/09 All browsers suck, and it's all YOUR fault!
2022/07/06 Chucknorris, Pokemon etc jokes with HTML
2022/07/04 New comment system for 寮居酒屋
2022/06/30 As a lib-right, I'm disappointed in the tech other lib-righters choose
2022/06/30 The new so-called "law" against insults isn't as dystopian as you think
2022/06/30 My VPN service is better than yours!
2022/06/28 After 2 and a half years of observation, covAIDS and the lethal injection were just a money making operation
2022/06/24 For accessibility sake, dark theme should be the default, and not require JavaScript
2022/06/22 OS ranking per generation
2022/06/18 Which Linux distribution or BSD variant should I use? Doesn't matter!
2022/06/14 BLAST FROM THE PAST!! Rules of the internet
2022/06/13 How to bypass totally unnecessary Javascript
2022/06/12 Yet another example of why everyone uses adblockers
2022/06/11 Dependence on Cuckflare is NOT cool, it's a sign of weakness
2022/06/11 Websoyte UI elements make no sense
2022/06/09 My history on waking (the fuck) up
2022/06/05 The true meaning of "mortgage"
2022/06/05 The evil Jew meme is real
2022/06/04 How disobedience saves the world
2022/06/04 XKCD is right about modern technology
2022/06/03 No, you can't achieve freedom through killing all politicians, you have to disobey them!
2022/06/03 The digital point "card" applification dystopia
2022/06/03 You know you're a fanatic Linux or BSD user if...
2022/05/29 How psyops really work
2022/05/29 Japan vs 4th lethal injection
2022/05/29 How to scam the entire world with Satan Klaus
2022/05/28 Cuckflare vs Microshaft?
2022/05/27 The monkeypox scamdemic is a scam, already complete with damning evidence
2022/05/27 Want to be a real programmer? Stop using OOP!
2022/05/27 Learn alphabet like a pro with Adult Hitler
2022/05/26 Current year "full stack" is not what it originally used to mean
2022/05/25 Think tank
2022/05/25 Goolag will eventually dump Android in favor for Fushia
2022/05/25 Why free software is ALWAYS superior over proprietary software
2022/05/21 Stop using PHP frameworks, follow the KISS principle
2022/05/18 Yet another rant against internet bloat, AGAIN!
2022/05/18 Cookies should be bottom priority when it comes to privacy
2022/05/18 Snowden is controlled opposition?
2022/05/09 Define "semite"
2022/05/04 List of recommended Linux distributions
2022/04/27 Dear Musk defectors, here's some Fediverse basics to help you understand what it's all about
2022/04/26 Linux phones are roadblockers to the New World Order
2022/04/24 How to mainstream media
2022/04/24 Boycott pro-NWO virtue signallers
2022/04/22 Again, showing why relying on CDNs is a bad thing
2022/04/21 Why everybody shops at Amazon despite the many alternative webshops
2022/04/21 joshwhotv.com is yet another fake alternative to JewTube
2022/04/21 Europeans, don't drop your guards, and look at 上海
2022/04/19 Odysee Rant, part 2
2022/04/18 The most accurate explanation on what DEMONcracy is
2022/04/18 Everything as a Service is a scam
2022/04/18 Chinese pork ASS-ASSins killing pigs in name of covAIDS
2022/04/17 You know we live in a very interesting time when...
2022/04/16 Please keep IRC IRC!
2022/04/13 Webdevs using CDNs are absolutely retarded
2022/04/13 ThorChain is the latest example of how to NOT do JavaScript
2022/04/11 Darknet will win, not Web3 or Web0
2022/04/11 The fact that taxation is theft is almost universally accepted now
2022/04/10 Privacy matters, part 2
2022/04/10 SEO needs to die already, it killed search engines
2022/04/09 StartPage is NOT a privacy search engine, part 2
2022/04/09 The real reason why they pushed Ivermectin during the peak of the lethal injection fad
2022/04/07 Theory: is the so-called "Ukraine war" meant to prevent Europeans from escaping upcoming tyranny?
2022/04/06 Americans can't guarantee free speech, again
2022/04/05 The more governments try to destroy privacy crypto, the more successful they become
2022/04/05 Privacy and anonymity matters
2022/04/04 The difference between Chinese censorship, American censorship, and European censorship
2022/04/02 Startpage is NOT a privacy search engine
2022/04/01 CBDCs will fail, privacy cryptocurrencies will win, part 2
2022/03/31 Breaking down an article about making Tor "safer" and "easier"
2022/03/31 Odysee Rant, part 1
2022/03/29 Exposing government hypocricy, part 1 of way too many to come
2022/03/29 CBDCs will fail, privacy cryptocurrencies will win, part 1
2022/03/29 Stop fucking using dependencies!
2022/03/28 Sorry anarcho-communists, but "anarcho-communism" is impossible
2022/03/23 If you're not allowed to pick a side other than approved, then it's propaganda
2022/03/22 Left and right wing is only for authoritarians
2022/03/22 I'd rather choose AI over wokeness
2022/03/19 The difference between religion and spirituality
2022/03/07 Define cellphone
0001/01/01 Let's talk about package managers