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My history on waking (the fuck) up

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寮、 2022/06/09 — blog, politics, psyop

Everyone is born on this earth awake, and everyone will be put to sleep at one point, whether it be at government indoctrination camps, or through propaganda, or they get prevented from waking up through fake truthers or religion.
I too went through all of these before I truly woke up.

I realized that everything we know from indoctrination and mainstream media is complete bullshit during the ISIS psyop, which was simply a daily Disney movie streamed to you via the mainstream media.
A bit before that, I voted for the first time in elections, than the second time, and then I was done with it, because I realized that nothing will ever change through voting.

However, it really wasn’t until recently that I ACTUALLY woke up, and it’s a process everyone eventually goes through.
Everyone waking up will go through a tunnel, most will be stuck somewhere within the tunnel, either long term or permanently.
This tunnel has many different exits and turning points.
My route has been mainstream media → RT International → Alex Jones → videos on Bitchute → people like WeAreChange and PressForTruth → people like DollarVigilante, The Crowhouse, World Alternative Media, and so on → the other side of the tunnel, which I’ll explain shortly.

The further towards the exit, the more true they are.
It’s actually possible to take a massive shortcut by reading this blog post alone, which I’ll explain below.

Learn to detect bullshit

Basically, turn off your TV, maybe use it only for anime, but once it ends, shut it down again.
Don’t buy any newspapers, they’re all a total scam anyway.
Even online content should be avoided, there’s lots of fake “truths” out there on sites like Bitchute and Odysee.
Some might have the right intentions because they believe it’s true, but simply copy/paste from bad actors, but there are lots of NSA/CIA agents on these sites putting out fake truths to misdirect people who are in the process of waking up, and will therefore be prevented from waking up.

The basic rules of thumb are, if it involves fear, it’s bullshit.
If it gives you hopes for a savior to come to the rescue, it’s bullshit.
If it’s pulling on your heart string, it’s bullshit.
Basically, anything that gives you the idea that there’s nothing you can do about it should be disgarded as bullshit.

On soycial media I recently started saying “the elites don’t have the power, YOU are the power” in rants (which I’ll port over to this site soon) for a reason.
I want to make it clear that there are things you can do, and even make massive impact.
The mainstream media and controlled opposition are both designed to alter your vision into the direction the elites want you to go into, so that it all becomes reality.
Because whether you believe in spirituality or not, your vision is what creates reality, because reality is a mirror of yourself.
It might sound like the New Age religion (which by the way is absolute bullshit too), but it really isn’t.
I’m saying that from first hand experience and observation.
Once again, YOU are the savior you’re waiting for.

Then how do I know the truth?

Remember that all what matters is what’s within your own environment.
Just look at what’s happening around you, think with common sense, and make judgements based on what you experience.
That’s the only true information there is.
Want to know the weather? Look at the clouds instead of your phone.
Want to know if they’ll go back to the covAIDS? Look at whether there’s any kind of “leftovers” still present, even stuff like plastic shields at registers with “stop the spread” on it even after the country in question has declared they’re done with the covAIDS is a hint that they’re planning on yet another lockdown soon.
Want to know if there’s inflation? Notice the prices and the quantity of the food in your local supermarket, and keep note of it for a while to see any changes. Write down in a pocket notebook if you have to.

How can I make positive change?

Apparently we’re living in the LEGO movie…
Simply live by example.
Treat ATHORITAH!! like a joke (because they are), or simply dismiss and ignore their orders instead of blindly following them.
Stop saying “I want to be free”, say “I am free” instead, and actually believe it.
And before you know it, you will be free for real.
By saying “I want to be free”, you admit that you’re not free, and your reality will then adjust you to that.
And again, this is NOT a New Age thing, this is exactly the same trick the elites, mainstream media, and controlled opposition use all the time on to you.

Always live positively, even if shit goes very wrong, there’s always something about it you can turn into a positive thing.
For example, if you get to live in a too expensive housing, and end up living paycheck to paycheck, see it as a lesson that you need to move to some cheaper housing instead.
Unless you have a partner and 3 children, you probably don’t even need a big house in the first place, a studio-like room with room for 1 bed, a PC, a desk, a chair, a kitchen, a closet to put your clothes into, a shower, a toilet, and a washing machine is really all you need.
Sure, there’s barely any room in a 18m2 one room, but after living in one for a while, you’ll notice that you really don’t need more than that.

Throw away your smart devices, or if you really want to have one, keep it at home at all times.
Pay with cash instead of a card.
Replace WinDOS or macOS for Linux or BSD if you haven’t done so yet.
Set up your own Fediverse instances instead of making use of any centralized shovelware, for example big tech like JewTube, Shitter, Fakebook, or TikTok, or alt tech like Gab, Minds, Odysee/Bitchute/Rumble, and whatever more they’ve cranked out over the past few years.
Or better yet, instead of using soycial media, set up your own website on your own server at your own home (I did it, and I’ll do it again once I’m done nomadding, but for a while I’ll be on a VPS instead).
Stop using government money, and use Monero instead.

They’re all small things, but you can actually do those, and all the small things will eventually make a big impact, just be patience.
Even if you don’t believe in it, even if you’re a big pessimist, at the very least try.
By keeping yourself in the “I want to do so, but I can’t” mindset, you’ll only hurt yourself in the long run, plus “I want to do so, but I can’t” is a double negative.
Instead, try to have a “I’m doing it” mindset, and you’ll see how quickly you’ll accomplish your goals.

I even know some obese dude of 140 kg jumping around like a kitten, and easily doing 2 hour long walks without any breaks, and doesn’t even get tired after all that (and also doesn’t seem to lose any weight either).
When I asked him how he does that, he told me he imagined himself being Serval Cat from Kemono Friends for multiple weeks, and just started becoming capable of doing all of that, despite his weight, and despite the massive belly he has to carry around.

Likewise, I imagined being Son Goku for a while, sure I can’t fly, transform, blast a kamehameha or something, but started feeling very strong, and actually became physically more powerful than I used to be.