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Why I stopped following alternative media

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寮、 2022/08/26 — blog, news

Yes, I stopped following alternative media, and it doesn’t mean I’m following mainstream media instead, so if you were about to go out for 6 months of firey but mostly peaceful protests against Ryo-chan, let me explain first.

All news media sucks

What waking up from the mainstream propaganda taught me was that the mainstream media can’t be trusted.
911 was an inside job, moon landing was fake, ISIS was the CIA in cosplay, covAIDS was a total lie, the lethal injections and lockdowns have done far more harm than good and continue to do so, and so on.
This is what the alt media understood (not all of them, more of that in a bit).

Additionally, I know people who at one point appeared in the mainstream media, either in 1 outlet or in all national ones, and they all came back to me saying how the media has manipulated and outright twisted their words, sentences, or even entire stories into total bullshit.
They even told me they heard stuff of them saying on TV they’ve never said at all.

It doesn’t end with mainstream and alternative, the more specialized media like technology, games, and countless others contain quite a bit of bullshit too, though not as extensively as the “regular” ones.
Mainstream media is so fake, even parody news sites like Babylon Bee are more true than the mainstream media.
Parody news uses bullshit to present reality, while mainstream news uses reality to present bullshit.

Alt media doesn’t give you the truth, they give you their bias

After following alt media for a long while, I noticed their truth is as true as alt tech’s so-called “free speech”, which means it’s a total lie.
I would even go as far as to say that the mainstream media is more true than alternative media, because even though there are the different angles (like left-leaning or right-leaning), the bigger picture they present is more or less the same in the end.
Every time the mainstream media presents their bullshit, it gets reflected on to the real world soon afterwards because let’s admit it, so many people around you follow the mainstream media while you’re the one droplet who doesn’t.

On the other hand, the alt media is extremely divided amongst themselves.
You’ll be getting a very different picture if you follow Alex Jones and Joe Rogan than you get from following Jeff Berwick and Max Igan, than you get from following Luke Pawlowski and/or Tim Pool, than you get from following any random Qanon grifters (and often times even among them they appear to be greatly divided), than you get from following MAG Bitter Truth, than you get from following World Alternative Media, than you get from following Hugo Talks, and so on.
Very little of what they bring to you gets reflected on to the real world, simply because far fewer people follow them.

If you need to know the truth, just look in front of you, look what happens in your own environment, the rest is irrelevant.
Just think with your own brain!

World reflection

As I stated before, the mainstream media reflects on to the real world.
And let me explain this one a bit.

Unlike what so many people think, the media doesn’t report on real world events, real world events report on the media.
I said so many times since the beginning of the covAIDS scamdemic that once you turn off the TV, and everyone around you would do the same, there would have been no covAIDS, and life in 2020, 2021, and 2022 would have been just like what it was in 2019 and before.
Because the word “television” can be broken up into “tele” and “vision”.
Tele is Latin (or Greek, I’m not a westerner, so I don’t know) means “remote”, and vision is vision.
A TV RSYNCs government approved vision to your brain, which compiles their soyce code into vision, which becomes your vision.

They tried to do the same with monkeypox, and they still try to do so, but nobody takes it seriously, so it doesn’t “exist” in the real world.
Now, loli frog was in Europe for 3 months, and just so happened to be in the Netherlands for the vast majority of her time, and she saw no angry farmers anywhere.
Life was completely peaceful, supermarkets were always filled with food, and everything.
Alt media keep saying that it’s chaos in the Netherlands.

Likewise, she flew to many different countries because of how convenient the Schengen visa is, she did say that airports were very crowded like how both mainstream and alt media keep saying, but also mentioned that the queues were moving really fast, and added in the fact that it’s summer holidays over in Europe, so people are just more likely to travel anyway.
So while the mainstream media tells you that it’s caused by a lack of staff because they get underpaid, and the alt media tells you that either the staff died from the lethal injections or they want to stop travel or they are preparing for the blackouts, none of them took into consideration the fact that their airports have been perfectly capable of processing all the travellers, and the fact that it’s normal for people to travel at this time of the year.

Something else that comes to mind is the whole blackout thing.
It first got mentioned by Qanon, soon after that it got mentioned by Satan Klaus, and from there pretty much the entirety of Bitchute, Gab, Opussy, and the likes echo’d it, and despite their predictions NOT having come true every single time thus far, they to this day keep predicting it to happen.

You can tell me a lot, but when it comes to technology, I smell bullshit from the opposite end of the universe.
This “complete halt” of communications won’t happen, the elites rely on communications to be active way more than us plebs do.
During the covAIDS psyop, the ability to still be able to communicate online is what prevented much of the world from standing up and overthrowing the corrupt elites.
Remember that the vast majority of the world population got so used to smartphones, not meeting each other offline has become much less of a pain than not meeting each other online.
Even if you don’t take that into account, shutting down communication won’t even make any sense.
The new world order crap they’re trying to condition people to love all depend on communication.
Sure, it’s all locked down communication, but open communication is required for locked down communication to even function.
Things like CBDCs, digital ID/lethal injection passport, facial recognition, and the rest of the dystopia can’t function at all if they shut down communications.

And the same thing can be told of the mass die offs, which have been predicted to happen “really soon” since the beginning of 2021, and I’m still waiting for those to happen as we get to the end of 2022.
Spoiler alert, it won’t happen.

Also, I’m still waiting for that “Taiwan invasion” to happen pretty much all the media on all sides are predicting to happen.
It won’t happen, this whole “Taiwan invasion” stuff is something they keep talking about every single year, and even if that would actually happen, let’s not forget that unlike Ukraine which has protections from nobody, Taiwan is heavily protected by Americuck, Japan, Ausjailia, and Indonesia.
Not like if that even matters, but it does create quite some plot holes if the invasion was supposedly going to happen.
Because even though CHAINA!! keeps funding their military, even though they keep boasting about how masculine their military is using admittedly pretty cute propaganda videos, in the end the Chinese military is still very unexperienced and 3rd world-level, also CHAINA!! has always been a civilization of merchants, not warriors.

Alt media does have a function

Now that the blackpills have been served, I’ll now serve you some whitepills (REEEECIST!!).
The fact that alt media is so divided among each other is actually a good thing.
You need diversity of thoughts in a healthy society, which is what the alt media brings, and the mainstream media doesn’t.
If you prevent alternative viewpoints from being spread, or belittle them by calling them “crazy conspiracy theories” or “fake news” or “Russian misinformation”, what you’re doing is NOT spreading news, you’re spreading propaganda.

No side has the truth

No matter who you follow, no side has the truth, they all have their own biases.
I realized that the only truth is what happens in front of you.
The only news that matters is your own experience.

Because let’s be fair, what does it matter if some tech nerd in Japan reads about a shooting in Americuck, a war in Ukraine, a protest in the Netherlands or Kanaduh, the fascism in Kanaduh and Ausjailia, the people getting angry in CHAINA!! and Sri Lanka, and so on?
Does it somehow impact my life? No.
What should be important to you is what happens around you, the rest should be considered entertainment.
And you don’t need a news media for that.
After all, this is how humans have lived for thousands of years, so why shouldn’t we live like that now?

Media I do follow

I do follow some of the media, though not with the intention of taking them seriously, but more to maybe get some tips out of it to improve my workflow or for my own entertainment.
These are primarily related to technology, anime, and manga.
For technology I mostly follow Luke Smith, Mental Outlaw, Digdeeper, Unix Sheikh, and the rest of the pro-privacy and anti-bloat, anti-soyware people, mostly because they resonate with my opinions on technology, and my objective is to maybe learn stuff I didn’t know about yet.

I’ve since recently been following GNU Social JP’s blog, he does quite a lot of investigation, and brings them entirely unbiased (I mean, without twisting any words by the people he asked questions to), and I’ve even seen him learning stuff he didn’t know before during his investigations, which is always an indicator of a good journalist.
A good example is his post about the whole western FOSS community and politics situation and the whole drama surrounding Alex Gleason and the Pleroma development community, they’re related and I was even personally involved here, even if you haven’t been following this, you can easily spot investigative journalism here, if you can read Japanese that is.

For anime I just look what the current and next seasons bring, and then sail the 7 seas to download them as torrents just to not watch TV (or pay for AT-X, a service that hates me for not overpaying, so they refuse to show me any R-18 anime).
As for manga, since I’m Japanese and live in Japan, I simply go to my local book store or one of the dojin shops (especially MelonBooks, Animate, and K-BOOKS) when I’m in a city, and see what’s there.
I also buy V Jump once a month and follow manga artists on Nico Nico Seiga and Pixiv, the latter of which often publish their latest works for free for a limited time before they put it behind a paywall, and then after a while they’ll appear as physical books too with multiple chapters + book-only bonus chapters.

I used to go to Comiket twice a year and Akihabara on a regular basis, but now with the mask fascism at both events/places, I stopped going there indefinitely, as they refuse to recognize my health conditions related to mask wearing, even though I have official documentation from multiple doctors stating so.
It’s not that I don’t want to wear a mask, I just can’t.
Yes, even with the usual summer heat wave that’s so bad that even the government called for people to take off their masks for their own safety, they still demand I wear a mask in order to buy anything.
Fine, then I won’t give you any money at all then, I’ll just resort to piracy, you’re the one who enables piracy!
You are part of one of the many reasons why piracy will never go away!
At least I don’t have to deal with fascists if I pirate…

I used to follow gaming related media too, but Soyny’s CensorStation has gone woke, Microshaft in general is well known for their blatant bait and switch tactics, Nintendo seems pretty fine for now, but also had quite a bad history, and now that their Americuck department and The Pokemon Company got taken over by wokies, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of Nintendo gets infected by this woke cancer.
On the non-console side things don’t seem really bright either, smartphone “games” aren’t real games, they’re just portable and glorified gambling machines, most game centers nowadays kick you out for not wearing a mask if at least 1 employee is a corona brain (we call true covAIDS believers “コロナ脳” over here), while PC games are primarily WinDOS-only, many of which are DRM’d, meaning I can’t even run them using Wine.
Indie and dojin games usually still work using Wine though, but then again they’re mostly Unity games, and Unity is spyware.
So Digdeeper was spot on when he said “why should I support an industry that actively hates me?”, at first I didn’t fully agree, but now that I typed it all out, I realize he actually has a point.

And retro games don’t need any media following, simply because they’re retro.

But the more I stay within my hobby range when it comes to media following, the more I realized that I actually don’t care about “regular” news at all, whether it be mainstream or alternative.
I realized especially during my week of internet absense that all I care about is living my life, what happens to the rest of the world is just not my concern.

Completely irrelevant to my article, but coincidentally Unix Sheikh released his articles about following the news (1, 2) which are in quite a lot of agreement to my views on it.
At the same time his articles are distinct enough to recommend you to read those.
I would also like to recommend this PDF to understand what news is really all about, and what you should do instead to improve your life.
It’s not a long document at all, so it’s worth a read.

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